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TradeTracker will help you with this objective by providing you with the most reliable and intuitive proprietary software solution in the affiliate marketing industry.

Our tracking and linking technology is unique and provides real benefits in terms of your bottom line.

Our client led approach means that we are always focussed on your business goals. We will be constantly monitoring your campaigns to ensure maximum revenues are achieved.

TradeTracker offers online publishers the chance to generate income from their web sites. This is possible by promoting advertisers participating in TradeTracker's unique campaigns.

  • Industry leading linking and tracking technology
  • Industry leading affiliate software
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TradeTracker's innovative linking techniques

TradeTracker is the only affiliate network that offers various linking techniques: Standard, Direct and now the unique CleanLinking system. See what the various linking techniques can do for you.


Why choose TradeTracker?

The strength of TradeTracker lies in its ability to focus on the clients’ objectives and really understand what is going to make the campaign successful for both the affiliates and the merchants.


Interested in working at TradeTracker? Take a look at the overview of job opportunities. TradeTracker offers challenging, international, roles in a rapidly growing company.

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